Slide Strong internal fortitude:
The ability to persevere through the good, bad and ugly in both work and their personal life.

A desire to succeed:
The ability of a person, in applying resolute effort, to do the best job possible and to make whatever they work on successful.

Team player:
One who works well with various personalities and has a true desire to work with people either as a leader or a do’er.

Adds to the collective strength of Alpine 4:
Adding in diversity, talent, and personality.

Elevates and roots others up to be the best they can be:
Actively engages in mentoring, training, and lifting others up.

Values other people’s ideas:
Has a curiosity about the thoughts of others and can receive constructive feedback positively.

Speak no evil regarding fellow team members:
Expresses a genuine level of appreciation for all Alpine 4 employees without being cynical or overly critical.

Company belief:
Firmly believes in the value that Alpine 4 offers to our shareholders, employees, and society.
From the early days of our beginnings, Alpine 4’s founders discovered that there are eight unique characteristics that make up a great employee. Those eight characteristics are what we call an “OKG” (Our Kind of Guy/Gal), and we celebrate it when we see them in our employees!