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SPECTRUMebos is an Enterprise Business Operating System that combines key software components that maximize efficiency and visibility, leading to increased productivity. Spectrum tethers management reporting and collaborative tool sets so progress is easy to follow. Spectrum is embedded into a robust BlockChain ledger system. Blockchain offers the security necessary when handling highly sensitive data and documents.

Key components of SPECTRUMebos:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting of an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)
  • Business Intelligence (Bi) platform
  • Customer Resource Management (CRM) hub
  • Document Management System (DMS)

Authenticity for all transactions will remain static.


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These key components come together to help disseminate real-time data into two directions. Firstly, to the ‘front lines,’ to empower customers facing stakeholders. Secondly, back to the management team for effective and efficient problem solving, managing and integration. SPECTRUMebos is the platform to help drive your organization forward. 

Spectrum can track progress of Impossible Aerospace and Vayu as they go through the production process at Quality Circuit Assembly and can provide accounting/auditing services for other subsidiaries.

Having all subsidiaries on the same internal platform creates efficiencies. These efficiencies range from cost-savings in production all the way to a reduction in auditing expenses.