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Investor Relations

At Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd (ALPP), we continue to drive success with business-related endeavors in the following industries: software, automotive technologies, electronics manufacturing, energy services & fabrication technologies and industries that support those market segments. Our business strategy is built upon four key principles that have led to our overall success: synergy, innovation, drive, and excellence (S.I.D.E). With years of experience, Alpine 4 has demonstrated a track record of sustained success and possess the knowledge to ensure a stable and unique long-term investment opportunity.

With expertise in various competitive markets and our capabilities of building a base of holdings that synergistically benefit each other allows us to aggressively pursue potential opportunities across various markets. Our diversified group of holdings all benefit from an open source sharing of knowledge that drives innovation both vertically and horizontally across our portfolio of companies. The fact that our subsidiaries are rooted in some of the fastest changing industries, it is important to stay updated on not only the companies but the market itself. To learn more about Alpine 4 and investment performance, view the links below.

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