Alpine 4’s founders, all successful in their own right, brought a diverse array of experience and character strengths to the team. Through collaboration and entrepreneurial desire, they leveraged their strengths, enabling them to build something out of nothing. The characteristics revealed, through the trials and tribulations of a new, growing business, serve as the cornerstone of Alpine 4. The team uncovered 8 core characteristics that an “OKG- Our kind of guy/gal” should possess. They believe that commitment to their culture is the recipe for their success. Synchronization of employees core characteristics, allows the team to more effectively communicate, be fluid in decision making and creates a harmonious workplace.

Strong internal fortitude: The ability to persevere through the good, bad and ugly in both work and their personal life.

A desire to succeed: The ability of a person, in applying resolute effort, to do the best job possible and to make whatever they work on successful.

Team player: One who works well with various types of personalities and has a true desire to work with people either as a leader or a do’er.

Adds to the collective strength of Alpine 4: Adding in diversity, talent and personality.

Elevates and roots others up to be the best they can be: Actively engages in mentoring, training, and lifting others up.

Values other people’s ideas: Has a curiosity about the thoughts of others and can receive constructive feedback positively.

Speak no evil regarding fellow team members: Expresses a genuine level of appreciation for all Alpine 4 employees without being cynical or overtly critical.

Company Belief: Firmly believes in the value that Alpine 4 offers to our shareholders, employees, and society.

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