Shareholder Update from CEO, Kent Wilson

Dear Shareholders,

We continue to be in communication with the NASDAQ, and we look forward to the Nasdaq completing their work. However, I cannot comment on a date for completion as they have not given us one as of yet.

The Alpine 4 Executive Leadership Team is comprised of the largest shareholders in the company and we understand the angst of all shareholders through this lengthy process. We have been working towards this moment for over seven years and it’s our highest priority. It is for this reason we opted to hire Donohoe Advisory on the strength of their industry relationships, and the knowledge that they could aid in making sure our application receives the attention it deserves. They have been instrumental in cutting through red tape with the NASDAQ. They have a stellar reputation for providing aid through the uplist process and bringing applications to their conclusion.

It’s important for shareholders to remember that the Alpine 4 Executive Leadership Team has not sold a single share of stock since inception. We believe in what we have already built, what we are currently building and our future successes yet to come. We can only hope that the holding of our personal stock through the uplist process serves as a testimonial to all of you that our commitment and faith is unwavering. We stand with you all through this process.

We look forward to announcing a firm uplist date to you all. We respect the shared vision of our long-term shareholders and it’s you we work so hard for!

Thank you,

Kent Wilson

CEO, Alpine 4

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