Uptick Newswire Hosts Alpine 4 Technologies on The Stock Day Video Show to Discuss Exponential Q1 Growth

PHOENIX, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / March 14, 2019 / Uptick Newswire welcomed Alpine 4 Technologies (ALPP) (”the Company”), a publicly traded conglomerate that is acquiring businesses that fit into its disruptive DSF business model of Drivers, Stabilizers, and Facilitators. CEO, Kent Wilson, joined Stock Day Video Show host Connie Colella.

To begin the interview, Colella asked Wilson to share with viewers some more information about what the Company does. Wilson explained, ”Alpine 4 is a uniquely positioned holding company.”. He added that the Company is similar to Berkshire Hathaway and the earlier years of GE. ”We’re looking at a highly diversified landscape of businesses that we will invest or acquire in, and it’s usually geared around our business model called, DSF.”, he explained.

Colella then asked Wilson to explain the Company’s DSF business model. ”DSF stands for Driver, Stabilizer, and Facilitator.”, explained Wilson. He further shared that this is essentially a classification method used to categorize companies of interest. The Driver category refers to a company that is relatively new and has a technology segment with a high potential for growth. These companies are typically disruptive in nature and are involved in a market that may not be fully established yet. The Stabilizer category involves companies that have a steady revenue stream and established customer base. Meanwhile, the Facilitator category includes companies with differing business segments that are able to work together to create a competitive advantage.

Colella then noted that the Company has recently acquired their first Stabilizer company, Morris Sheet Metal, and asked Wilson how this will affect their bottom line. Wilson shared that adding a Stabilizer company took longer than expected, but now that this segment of their business model has been achieved it will have a substantial impact on their revenues.

Colella then asked about the Company’s recent development, SPECTRUMebos. Wilson explained that ”ebos’ stands for enterprise business operating system. ”Nothing out there is really geared toward the micro-cap to mid-cap space. So, as we looked to a solution to manage our subsidiaries effectively, there wasn’t a solution out there.”, stated Wilson when explaining the void in the industry that SPECTRUMebos fills. ”We’ve been able to build out a dynamic and forward-thinking platform that will allow growth across all of our subsidiaries. Our goal is that once we mature that product out, we can offer it to other companies that need a more robust system.”, he added.

Colella then noted that the Company’s revenue has been growing steadily over the last few years and asked about 2019 projections compared to 2018 revenues. ”Well, I’m proud to announce here today that our growth for Q1 in 2019 is expected to be 85% over Q1 of 2018.”, shared Wilson. ”We’re growing at an astronomical level.”, he added.

Wilson explained that the Company is able to handle its explosive growth through its developments like SPECTRUMebos, as well as by working as efficiently as possible as a team. Wilson also shared that the Company is expected to become net profitable in 2019. ”We’re really expecting to hit our stride in late Q2.”, stated Wilson. Looking forward even further into 2019, Wilson shared that he expects the Company to hit between $29-$30 million in revenue. With addition of one to two subsidiaries, this number could rise to about $45-$50 million in revenue.

To close the interview, Wilson shared that Alpine 4 Technologies is a unique investment choice among other options on the market. For investors interested in companies with a long-term strategy and developing infrastructure, Alpine 4 Technologies is a great option. ”We have big aspirations for Alpine 4 and we believe that our DSF business model will change the world.”, closed Wilson.

To hear Kent Wilson’s entire interview, follow the link to the video here: https://upticknewswire.com/featured-video-kent-wilson-of-alpine-4-technologies-ltd-otcqb-alpp/

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About Alpine 4 Technologies:

Alpine 4 Technologies, Ltd (ALPP) is a publicly traded conglomerate that is acquiring businesses that fit into its disruptive DSF business model of Drivers, Stabilizers and Facilitators. At Alpine 4, we understand the nature of how technology and innovation can accentuate a business. Our focus is on how the adaptation of new technologies, including brick and mortar businesses, can drive innovation. We also believe that our holdings should benefit synergistically from each other and that the ability to have collaboration across varying industries can spawn new ideas and create fertile ground for competitive advantages. This unique perspective has culminated in the development of our Blockchain enabled Enterprise Business Operating System called SPECTRUMebos.

Forward-Looking Statements:

The information disclosed in this press release is made as of the date hereof and reflects Alpine 4 most current assessment of its historical financial performance. Actual financial results filed with the SEC may differ from those contained herein due to timing delays between the date of this release and confirmation of final audit results. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements including, without limitation, the risks, uncertainties, including the uncertainties surrounding the current market volatility, and other factors the Company identifies from time to time in its filings with the SEC. Although Alpine 4 believes that the assumptions on which these forward-looking statements are based are reasonable, any of those assumptions could prove to be inaccurate and, as a result, the forward-looking statements based on those assumptions also could be incorrect. You should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements contained in this release are made as of the date hereof, and Alpine 4 disclaims any intention or obligation to update the forward-looking statements for subsequent events.


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